The style of the Brand comes from a careful design, the result of a deep understanding of the feminine soul: rigorous and structured and, at the same time, informal and dynamic.


In this dichotomy, typical of every woman, we find the DNA of Terre Alte: clean and calibrated lines that, thanks to the wise use of the material and its performance, enhance the body and make it vibrate with energy.


Nature, in its deepest essence, is a continuous source of inspiration: nature is silence, balance, perfection.


The sensitivity of Terre Alte design continually draws on it and interprets these aspects through an intimate and collected experience to generate garments that respect its volumetric, chromatic and material strength.


The continuous search for advanced performance and comfort of the garments starts with the careful selection of raw materials. Terre Alte has been collaborating, from the beginning, with the most prestigious companies in the yarn industry, points of reference for the entire sector at national and international level.


This profitable relationship allows the Company important opportunities for research and innovation from the point of view of the performance of the material and the wear-ability of the garments.